#songoftheday = GLEN HANSARD: “SONG OF GOOD HOPE” (#songsforourtimes #1)

As of today, I’m starting something new on Love is Pop. Until the COV-19 virus, otherwise known as the coronavirus, is behind us or we’re at least in a much better position than we’re in right now, I am going to post a song of the day each day that’s relevant to what’s going in the world. The emphasis will be on the positive, but don’t be surprised if many of the songs have the “end of the world” theme since, well, the world as we knew it would seem to be no more. Mind you, I don’t mean that in a negative way, just that things have drastically changed and that the future is surely going to be different than it would have been if this virus had never struck. And I want to bring you songs that you’ll be able to relate to as well as inspire you.

It was extremely difficult to decide which song to begin this series with, but I’ve chosen “Song of Good Hope” by Glen Hansard because it’s one of the tracks that I’ve personally found the most comforting recently.

Here are some lyrics from the second and third verses:

“I know where you’ve been / It’s really left you in doubt / Of ever finding a harbor / Of figuring this out / And you’re gonna need / All the help you can get / So lift up your arms now / And reach for it.”

Hansard sings the song softly, sounding like a comforting old friend offering you his proverbial hand when you’re lost in the darkness. As it comes to a close, he sings, “May the song of good hope / Walk with you through everything.”

I hope this song will linger on in your heart today and somehow provide some small reassurance.

Read the complete lyrics on Genius.


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