#songoftheday = GIGI ROWE: “GOT THAT”

Back in December 2016, we interviewed rising pop star Gigi Rowe, who’d just had a song included in Just Dance 2017.  Well, here we are in October of 2017 and we’ve just discovered that Gigi will have a song in Just Dance 2018. too.  In fact, it’s “Got That,” the song you’re listening to right now.  (Well, provided you pressed play above before reading this.)  As with her previous music, Gigi was clearly inspired by early Madonna and Cyndi Lauper when she wrote this one.  From the old school drum machine beats to the synthesized horns, everything about this song just screams ’80’s pop, which is not a bad thing in my book.  Especially not when it’s a song as cheerful and catchy as “Got That.”  You won’t be waiting for the game to dance your ass off to this one!



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2 responses to “#songoftheday = GIGI ROWE: “GOT THAT””

  1. BrendaCobain Avatar

    She’s awesome with this 80s stuff, but if she ever did modern pop she’d be a real force to be reckoned with,

  2. Tisa Avatar

    I wish I could play Just Dance with Gigi. SHe’s as pretty as her voice is sweet.

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