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#songoftheday = FEMM – “Neon Twilight”

FEMM stands for Far East Mention Mannequins and they’re one of the most sensational J-Pop acts to debut during the past few years.  Here we have their brand new single, “Neon Twilight,” which is actually in English, so if you’re one of our readers who can’t stand to listen to music that’s not in English, well, you can still listen to this one.  Now, I’m not saying it’s my favorite FEMM song.  It’s actually one of their weaker tracks in my opinion.  Thing is, even their lesser material is better than the good material by many J-Pop acts.  With their electro-beats that call to mind old N.E.R.D. in addition to today’s EDM, they definitely break the cookie cutter J-Pop mold that all too many acts are constructed with.  I’d say this holds up against much of today’s domestic pop, too.  If you hate it, that’s your prerogative, I realize this sort of clubby pop isn’t for everyone, but at least give it a listen.

Youtube info:

Published on Jun 28, 2016

Digital Single「Neon Twilight /Countdown」
29 JUN 2016 Available

■ 「Neon Twilight」
■ 「Countdown」


Major Debut EP “PoW! / L.C.S. +Femm-Isation”
24 FEB 2016 Available!!

¥2,900 (tax out)

¥1,500 (tax out)
※ 無音パッケージはCD-Rとなっており、音源は収録されていません。
既に1st Digital Album「Femm-Isation」をDLして、楽曲をお持ちの方に向けた商品です。

【Disc.1】「Pow! / L.C.S.」
01. PoW! [New Song!] 02. L.C.S. [New Song!] 03. Astroboy feat. Honey-B & W-Trouble (Japanese Ver.) [New Version!] 04. Fxxk Boyz Get Money (Invaderous Remix) [New Remix!] 05. Party All Night (sfpr Remix)
06. Kill The DJ (Invaderous Remix)
07. Kiss The Rain (sfpr Remix)
08. Astroboy feat. Honey-B & W-Trouble (Invaderous Remix)
09. Whiplash (sfpr Remix)
10. UFO feat. Fz from sfpr vs Invaderous (Original Mix) [New Mix!]

【Disc.2】 「Femm-Isation」(CD or EmptyCD-R)
01. We Flood The Night
02. Astroboy feat. Honey-B & W-Trouble
03. Kill The DJ
04. Party All Night
05. The Real Thing
06. Dead Wrong
07. Unbreakable
08. Girls Night Out
09. Kiss The Rain
10. Fxxk Boyz Get Money
11. White Noise
12. Whiplash
13. Wannabe


【Official Site】
【FEMM’S AGENCY SYNDICATE official web site】


【FEMM’s Videos】
■ 「PoW!」
■ 「L.C.S.」
■「We Flood The Night」
■「Astroboy feat. Honey-B & W-Trouble」
■「Kill The DJ」
■「Party All Night」
■「The Real Thing」
■「Dead Wrong」
■「Girls Night Out」
■「Kiss The Rain」
■「Fxxk Boyz Get Money」
■「White Noise」
■「Whiplash (Music Video / You Tube Version)」
■「UFO feat. Fz from sfpr vs Invaderous」original by Pink Lady
■FEMM – Remixes (Redit Video)

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  1. rEvEolution says:

    Yeah, this isn’t their best. Probably their worst. Still pretty great tho.

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