#songoftheday = ELOHIM: “SKINNY LEGS”

It takes a good minute before Elohim starts singing on her new track, “Skinny Legs,” but it’s such an electronic voyage that you won’t really mind.  Sure, it gets better when she adds her vocals, but it’s just fine leading up to them.  I’ll admit this isn’t even close being as catchy as most of the songs on her EP, but it’s still far better electro-pop than most artists are churning out these days. Because, seriously, most artists who consider themselves electro-pop lately are really just producing bubblegum pop with a hint of electronica somewhere — usually buried — in the mix.  Calling it electro-pop is their way of sounding serious or lending credibility to their music.  Elohim, however, makes proper electro-pop, emphasis on electro.  If you miss ’90’s electronica, you’ll love “Skinny Legs,” that’s for damn sure.

Soundcloud info:

Elohim – Skinny Legs
Download / Stream Skinny Legs: smarturl.it/SkinnyLegs

Find a Show Near You: elohimxelohim.com
5.05-5.07 – Middlelands – Todd Mission, TX
5.20 – Skyline – Los Angeles, CA
5.24-5.29 – Lightning in a Bottle – Bradley, CA
5.26-5.28 – Summer Camp Festival – Chillicothe, IL
6.09-6.12 – Mysteryland – Bethel Woods, NY
6.15-6.18 – Firefly Festival – Dover, DE
8.03-8.06 – Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL


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