OK, so this is more of an interlude type of track than an actual song, but it’s the best thing I’ve heard all day, hence my dubbing it #songoftheday.  What we have here is Earl Sweatshirt rapping about stuff and that’s always plenty to satisfy me.  He’s one of the most under-rated rappers in the game and he’s at the top of his game here.  I just wish that this was only the first verse, that a hook and then a second verse would come next.  Oh well, I’d rather listen to that than most of the songs on the mixtapes I’ve been downloading lately.

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An entertainment journalist for 20 years, Michael McCarthy was a columnist and contributing editor for the magazines Lollipop and LiveWire. He co-created and wrote for Cinezine, one of the '90's most popular movie E-zines. The only time he's not listening to music is when he's watching television shows and movies or reading, usually music magazines.

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