#songoftheday = Dreamtrip feat Gabi Tasso: “The Melody”

Dreamtrip is the musical alias of  Tariq Al Saadoon.  “The Melody” is, in Tariq’s words, “about being consumed by lies, failed relationships and addiction to drugs.”  That said, Tariq is four years into recovery.  Tariq met Gabi Tasso at Point Blank music school.  Three years later, he sent her “The Melody” and asked her to sing on it.  She agreed and once her vocals were recorded then Tariq enlisted session saxophone player Paul Hardcastle Jr. to play on it and the rest is, as they say, history.

“The Melody” is one of the best songs I’ve come across this month.  Its mix of trip-hop beats and a general chill out atmosphere conspire to give the listener a haunting experience one won’t soon forget.  There’s so much longing in Gabi’s voice.  Tariq might have written the song, but you feel like you’re listening to Gabi tell the story of her life as she sings it.   Just don’t expect an uplifting story.  As you could guess from Tariq’s description of the song above, it isn’t about someone living their happy ending.  It’s about someone in the thick of it, at a crucial point where they could either make it or break it.  It definitely leaves you wanting more and I can’t wait to hear more from Tariq.  Also quite curious to hear what Gabi does next as well.  Finally, I must give a round of applause to Paul Hardcastle Jr. because his saxophone playing is one of the reasons the song sounds so impressive; his playing is powerful and evocative.

We’ll be taking the next few days off in honor of Thanksgiving, our second biggest holiday here in the States (after Christmas, of course).  We’ll be back on Monday with an interview with Trevor from Black Dahlia Murder though!




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