#songoftheday = DEATH FROM ABOVE: “FREEZE ME”

If your favorite rock bands have bummed you out recently because their new albums aren’t very good then you’re in luck here.  Death From Above — they’ve dropped the 1979 from their name — has just released their fantastic new album OUTRAGE! Is Now and it’s all killer, no filler.  From start to finish, it’ll kick you in the ass with its stampeding drums and harsh but sometimes subtly melodic vocals.  I suppose it’s accessible enough that it should attract new listeners, but it packs ample character and fury to warrant a listen from even their pickiest die-hard fans, all of whom should be more than satisfied.  They’re still DFA and they still rock plenty hard enough to blow you out of your mismatched socks.  One listen to “Freeze Me” above should convince you of that. Definitely, one of the year’s must-have albums for hard rock and heavy metal fans alike.

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