#songoftheday Dan Black: “Hearts” feat. Kelis (Louis The Child Remix)

Dan Black and Kelis are both supreme talents with a knack for making electro-flavored pop.  So, this pairing is a match made in pop heaven.  And so, surprise, surprise, it’s heavenly.  Pure sonic bliss.

This remix of “Hearts” is by Louis The Child.  It’s the first time we’ve heard anything by Louis The Child, but he’s truly worked wonders here.  At least we think so.  You see, we’ve yet to hear the normal version of this song, so we’re not sure what parts are from the original and what parts are courtesy of Louis The Child.  All we know is that it’s amazing.  Throbbing electro beats, funky ass bass guitar noodling, a heavy dose of synth and slick, melodious vocals by Dan and Kelis… What more could you ask for?



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