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#songoftheday = CHRISTIAN O: “LUCY’S LAIR”

Today’s song of the day, “Lucy’s Lair,” is the final song — but first single — from Christian O’s fantastic 8 song EP Shiva’s Dance.  I’m in love with its potent beats.  I couldn’t tell you if they’re programmed beats or live percussion because they sound like both, which I suppose is the point, to have the best of both worlds.  This is a mix of pop and R&B that gets under your skin with its haunting lyrics and exquisite production.  I know the term exquisite production if one I use pretty often, but it’s only because our song of the day picks happen to be songs that I genuinely like and one of the key things that makes me fall in love with a song is the production.  If you’ve got a catchy song but the production is shit, sorry, you’re not going to make it onto song of the day here.  In any case, yes, the production here is immaculate.  I love, love, love these beats and Christian’s voice is equal parts seductive and melancholic.  Bravo, Christian, Bravo!



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