#songoftheday = CHRIS CORNELL: “SAFE AND SOUND” (#songsforourtimes #13)

I keep wondering if people who’ve committed suicide during recent years knew what was coming, that we were headed for this nasty pandemic. I’m pretty sure the answer to that question is no, they didn’t, but the late Chris Cornell left us with this gem from his 2007 album, Carry On, entitled “Safe And Sound,” something I hope this finds you all.

The chorus goes:

“I’ve never seen but I believe / In a promised land / Why can’t we pull this together? / One and all, now and forever / Why can’t we pull this together? / And we can say we finally found the world around us safe and sound”

It seems very applicable today, does it not? When he sings, “Why can’t we pull this together?” I imagine he’s singing to us from beyond the grave, asking, why we can’t all do what we’re asked and stay home and social distance when we absolutely have to go out for food or medication? Because, I’m sorry to say, many people still aren’t heeding the government’s warnings. To that end, last night Trump and company were saying that, according to the models, we’ll be lucky if we only have 100,000 coronavirus-related deaths here in the U.S. during the next two weeks. That’s an awful lot of people, folks, and I don’t think you want to be included in that statistic, so, please, stay home, or be extremely careful if you have to go out. And going shopping for a TV at Walmart is not necessary — obviously — so let’s save that for the future when we’ve beaten this pandemic.

I know that should go without saying, but a friend of my family went to Walmart for some necessary items yesterday and the store was packed. Crammed full of people who were definitely not practicing social distancing. And that’s the last thing we need right now. But some people still seem to think the coronavirus is no worse than a flu. I wonder if they’ll still be saying that when we’re losing over 10,000 people a day a week or so from now? I’d think that should finally quiet them down. But, please, don’t be among those who die. Stay in and stay safe, my friends. Because, yes, to answer Chris Cornell’s question, we can pull this together. We just have to want to.

Read the complete lyrics on Genius.


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