#songoftheday = BON JOVI: “ROOM AT THE END OF THE WORLD” (#songsforourtimes #14)

In my opinion, Bon Jovi’s 2013 album What About Now is one of the most under-rated albums of their career. If you miss the days when Richie Sambora was in the band and you haven’t heard this remarkable record yet, you simply must.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Room At The End Of The World,” which isn’t a song devoid of melancholy, but it’s also one that I find full of hope. When Jon sings, “It’s me and you in our room at the end of the world,” there’s something reassuring about it. It’s a love song, to be sure, but I’m still finding that it has a calming effect on me right now and we can all use songs that help us chill these days. And if you’re looking for an entire album that has a mellowing effect, look no further than What About Now, which is one of the band’s most optimistic and spirited records ever.

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