I’ll admit it — I’m a witch house junkie.  I can’t get enough of the stuff.  To me, it’s a close cousin of trip-hop, one of my favorite genres.  To that end, BLVCK CEILING’s re-imagining of Lana Del Rey’s “High By The Beach,” which uses Lana’s actual vocals, it a trippy, snappy delight.  From the menacing keyboards in the background to the short but potent beats that hit you like a whip, it’s ominous and it’s awesome.

I love remixes like this, that put a new twist on a song, making an alternate version, which isn’t club music.  I’m always wishing remixes would strip things back, slow things down, not just make them club bangers.  But that doesn’t happen so often.  Well, it’s happened here.  BLVCK CEILING has taken “High By The Beach” and given it a touch of Massive Attack, a dash of FKA twigs and a dollop of Portishead, turning into something bewitching indeed.  Bravo.

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