#songoftheday = bitter’s kiss: “These Bells Will Ring” feat. Blue Stone

bitter’s kiss charmed us with her touching song and video “My God” recently, and she charms us again with her new holiday-themed song “These Bells Will Ring.”  With “My God” she encouraged peace by pointing out how everyone thinks their god is better than everyone else’s god and showing people from around the world, embracing diversity.  With “These Bells Will Ring,” she encourages peace directly in her lyrics, “these bells will ring when peace has come / and peace will come when the world is one.”  I suppose some asshole out there will bash it for being too optimistic or something, but I think it’s a beautiful sentiment and it comes from an equally beautiful song, which she sings perfectly as usual, her voice light as a warm breeze on a cool day.  As the French say, parfait.  Perfect.






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