#songoftheday = BIBI ZHOU: “FASCINATION”

Bibi Zhou is what Chinese pop star  Zhou Bichang usually goes by these days for the sake of simplifying things for her international fans.  She’s become one of the biggest pop stars in China during the past few years, although her road to the top was a long-ish one that began when she was on the singing contest Supergirl in 2005 and won second place.   Her new single, “Fascination,” is sung entirely in English and she sounds so at home with the language that you’d never know it was foreign to her.  (If I had to guess, I’d say she’s fluent in English.)  But I’m not posting this because it’s in English.  It’s been a while since I posted something in a foreign language but I’m going to make it a point to get back to doing that somewhat frequently soon.  In any case, I’m posting “Fascination” because it’s a downright infectious pop tune that wiggles its way inside your head like a tiny worm then does a little dance in there that triggers your brain to put a smile on your face. Prepare to be delighted.



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3 responses to “#songoftheday = BIBI ZHOU: “FASCINATION””

  1. JohnnyDt Avatar

    This is a fine pop song. Are her Chinese songs this good? I wonder what they’re like because I’ve heard Mandopop and it’s usually much softer than this.

  2. Lani Avatar

    That one really hits the sweet spot. I must check out her Chinese music now.

  3. jingjing Avatar

    Welcome to listen to her new album “Not Typical”

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