#songoftheday = Bad Marriage: “Mourning Hope” (#songsforourtimes #9)

The guys in Boston hard rock/heavy metal band Bad Marriage have taken their usual sound and flipped it upside down for their new single, “Mourning Hope,” which finds them ditching their usual four on the floor drums and blazing guitars in favor of an almost ambient sound consisting solely of Mike Fitzmaurice’s gentle, acoustic guitars and Jon Paquin’s surprisingly ethereal vocals. “All I ever wanted for you / To rescue you from the enemy unseen,” sings Paquin, who penned the lyrics, on the timely song that anyone who’s lost someone to coronavirus will especially relate to. (And if you’re one of those folks, let us just say that we’re sorry for your loss.)

NOTE: Each day, we’re going to post a song of the day that’s relevant to what’s going in the world. Songs meant to either inspire or at least provide companionship or food for thought. The emphasis will, of course, be on the positive.


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