#songoftheday = AUNI: “THE RIVER”

With all of the different ways to discover new music these days, it’s not very hard to find a great song.  Finding one so beautiful that it gives you goosebumps, however, can be rather difficult.  Well, that’s exactly what we have here today with Auni’s ethereal track “The River.”  Honestly, I haven’t heard a song this sweet and precious in a long time.  It’s giving me serious chills as I listen to it again while writing this.

One thing that makes “The River” so refreshing is Auni’s incorporation of operatic vocals in her dreamy track.  You don’t hear many singer/songwriter songs with so much as a hint of opera in them nowadays, but that’s precisely what I would call Auni’s brilliant vocal harmonies here, which will undoubtedly have your heart fluttering as they fill your soul with the purest light.  (If it doesn’t make you feel something, it’s probably because, well,  you’re a zombie. )

The perfect song aside, the video itself is alluring.  According to the Youtube information, it’s about a haunted girl who uses the force of her will — and the transformative power of music — to escape the attic in which she’s trapped.  Interestingly, you can look at it two ways.  One is the literal way, that it’s about a live girl who’s confined to the attic using her imagination to have a wonder-filled existence outside of its walls.  The other way you could interpret it is that the girl is actually a ghost, who’s also a prisoner in the attic, recalling her life as she looks at all of the mementos she’s left behind.  I imagine that clever writer/director David S. Marfield deliberately made the video in this way so that it works perfectly regardless of how you look at it.  One thing is for certain: it’s gorgeous regardless.  The aerial shots of the water are stunning to the point of being breathtaking with their rich color.  And the old typewriter is so fetching that you’ll want to reach out and press your fingers against its letters.  Meanwhile, Auni herself is enchanting, making you feel as though you’re watching something nothing short of magical.  So, you shouldn’t be surprised when I tell you that the video debuted at film festivals — to great applause — before it was released on Youtube.


Published on Jun 7, 2017

A haunted girl uses the force of her will & the transformative power of music to escape the attic in which she’s trapped.

From the Auni EP

Written & Directed by David S. Marfield
Costumes & Makeup: Adana Gardner
Crew: Bruno Chovet
Set Design: Adam Esco
Musicians: Donovan Bullen, Hillary Smith
Makeup Design: Robin Siegel
Colorist: Mickey Rodriguez
Shot on a Digital Bolex D16


Wandering high, wandering low
Some people fly, some people don’t.

I waited by the river
For you to come.
I wanted to put all of myself
Where you had gone.

I pulled off my stockings
And waded through the shallow pools,
Watched tiny bumps creep over my limbs
And wondered if I’d lost or won.

I rolled around inside your skin,
Then looked at what I’d done.
A little angel all pressed in,
She’s left behind her soul and run.

Wandering high, wandering low
Some people fly, some people won’t.







3 responses to “#songoftheday = AUNI: “THE RIVER””

  1. Adana Avatar

    Gorgeous review of a gorgeous video!

  2. Melinda Brownstone Avatar
    Melinda Brownstone

    Wow, the song and video are both astounding.

  3. Jai Wah Avatar
    Jai Wah

    Breath-taking video. It’s like a little movie. I liked the song, too.

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