#songoftheday / AUDIO: Esco Williams: “OH JORDAN”

Esco Williams’ “Oh Jordan” is a first for Love is Pop, a veritable GOSPEL song.  “When the walls of Jericho all fall down and we face the light of day,” that’s what he’s singing about on this gorgeous, downtempo, piano-led gem “about conflict and reconciliation .”  “Raise it on up / Raise it all up now / Shake your demons on the way,” goes the super soulful chorus.  It’s an example of pure artistry, Williams having wrote and produced the track himself.  And it’s doing quite well for him, getting regular airplay on Radio 1’s Introducing Playlist, in fact.  But don’t go classifying Williams as a gospel singer.  That might be what “Oh Jordan” amounts to, but we understand he’s actually a soul singer who just happened to do an exceptionally well gospel song.  

Williams will be releasing an EP entitled Reflections on October 20th..  You can pre-order it now on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/reflections-ep/id918956843

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