Annie, Annie, Annie… Welcome back!

Well, yes, we realize you’ve released a couple of other singles recently, but we haven’t been as active around here at Love is Pop HQ since the pandemic started. In fact, we haven’t felt like posting much of anything during recent weeks, wondering if we’d ever feel inspired to post anything again, if we’re being entirely honest. But “The Streets Where I Belong” compelled us to come and post it. Listening to your reminisce brought us back to a time when we were living in the Los Angeles area and you were the most famous pop star who, well, very few people we knew ever seemed to be aware of. But that was a kind of cool thing, really. Being a fan of yours felt like being part of a secret club. The cult of Annie. Oh, how we adored you. And we weren’t the only ones. We never forgot about you either!

Now, the time has come for you to make your return and you seem to be doing so triumphantly. We are wishing you lots of success and hope that this time around everyone comes to know your name. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of your new album, Dark Hearts, on October 16th.

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An entertainment journalist for 20 years, Michael McCarthy was a columnist and contributing editor for the magazines Lollipop and LiveWire. He co-created and wrote for Cinezine, one of the '90's most popular movie E-zines. The only time he's not listening to music is when he's watching television shows and movies or reading, usually music magazines.

2 Comments to “#songoftheday = ANNIE: “THE STREETS WHERE I BELONG””

  1. Rosco says:

    BRILLIANT!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Dona says:

    She’s back! OMFG! Damn you for not telling me sooner! And update your site more often. I miss U!

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