#songoftheday / #amlistening: Vök: “Erase You”

The too good to be true “Erase You” is Icelandic, electro dream-pop trio Vök’s latest single, following previous album singles “Spend The Love”, “Night & Day”, and “Autopilot”, which have received over 1 million streams collectively across all the usual platforms during the past few weeks.

While all of the group’s singles have been fantastic, it’s “Erase You” that I’m most impressed by. There’s something intoxicating about its slick, R&B style beats and the way they pair with frontwoman Margrét Rán’s soothing voice, which has an almost smoky texture. It’s one of those rare gems that is as ripe for the clubs as it is for chilling out and I’m listening to it on repeat and have been for twenty minutes now and I’m still liking it more each time I hear it.

Here are Margrét Rán’s comments about the track: “‘Erase you’ is a song about a person who pushed me off the edge to a point when all I wanted to do was to erase them from my life. The lyrics are a bit naive but really straight forward which was the intention. I co-wrote it with James Earp the co-producer of the album and we had a great fun writing the song because we could definitely relate to this frustration so we exaggerated the immoral lyrics a bit…”

If you haven’t pressed play yet, you simply must. I dare you to try and listen to it just once.



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