#songoftheday / #amlistening = Vanessa Paradis: “Kiev”

“Kiev” is the second single from Vanessa Paradis’ 7th studio album, Les Sources. It’s my favorite song from the record, which is a bit of a departure for Paradis as it’s her first album that really has more to do with telling stories and l’amour than it does with being catchy. That’s not to say it’s not a beautiful album, of course. It’s very much so and “Kiev” is a shining example of that. But there’s nothing as immediately infectious as “Love Song,” the titular track from her last release, a double-album called Love Songs. Nor is there a “Be My Baby” or “Joe le taxi.” (Only the first word of French song titles is capitalized.) But that’s just fine. The combination of Vanessa’s voice and its heartfelt, romantic lyrics makes Les Sources a winning album in my book. And I have a feeling you’re about to fall in love with “Kiev.”


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