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New York-based band The Cringe is one of my favorite musical discoveries this year. But I’ll be honest with you — I am totally late to the party on this one. You see, the melodious, mid-tempo rocker “I Can’t Take It No More” hails from their sixth studio album, Everywhere You’ve Never Been. That’s right, their sixth album. It will be out on April 19th and if this single is any indication then it’s going to be unbelievably good.

Listening to this gold nugget, I found myself wondering where The Cringe belongs in today’s musical climate, but I just couldn’t place them. They’re almost like a cross between The Rolling Stones and The 1975. I could easily hear Pete Doherty covering this one, too, so I’m sure their influences are all over the place. One sound I don’t hear in this song is heavy metal. There’s nothing that points to hair bands anywhere to be heard on this track. So, I was surprised to learn that the band is opening for heavy metal legends Tesla on their current tour, which could be career suicide for a contemporary rock band. But I was just listening to Tesla’s excellent new album, Shock, and now I think that they’re not a bad match.

Tesla was always a classic, hard rock band, albeit with heavy metal leanings, and they were all about the music. They always placed very little emphasis on their image, not unlike Guns ‘N’ Roses. Sure, Tesla had a lot of hair, but the guys never soaked their faces in make-up like, say, Poison. It’s likely their emphasis on the music that sets them apart from their quote-unquote peers. And The Cringe’s hard rock sound isn’t all that far removed from Tesla’s catalog. Suffice to say, I think they have a very good shot at winning over Telsa’s audience. Plus, with six albums under their belt, I’m sure The Cringe will be drawing in plenty of fans of their own. I know I’ll be at their local show very much looking forward to both bands.

While we’re waiting for their new album, I suggest you listen to The Cringe’s last one, Blind Spot, which will rock your socks off.

The Cringe Tour Dates

3/15/19 – Austin, TX – SXSW Festival
3/15/19 – Austin, TX – Cheers Shot Bar – Rooftop Raucous
3/16/19 – Austin, TX – Stubbs – Rachael Ray’s Feedback
3/16/19 – Austin, TX – RR’s VIP House Party 
4/16/19 – Boston, MA – House of Blues – w/ Tesla
4/18/19 – Portland, ME – Aura – w/ Tesla
4/19/19  – Hampton Beach, NH – Casino Ballroom – w/ Tesla 
4/20/19 – Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom – w/ Tesla 
4/23/19 – Glenside, PA – Keswick Theatre – w/ Tesla 
4/25/19 – Canton, OH – Canton Palace Theatre – w/ Tesla 
4/26/19 – Erie, PA – Warner Theatre – w/ Tesla 
4/28/19 – Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage – w/ Tesla

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