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First, Stryper utilized a little death metal style vocals on “Take It It The Cross,” now they’re doing thrash riffs during the verses on their new single, “Sorry.”  These are good things, though!  I know some fans just want a To Hell with The Devil sequel, but I admire the guys for trying new things and not making the same album over and over again.  I also think that these two songs are their best singles in years.  Mind you, I thought all of the singles from their last two albums were fantastic, too.  But these two are on fire.  There’s just a certain magic to them that just makes them spell-binding to me.  Maybe it’s partially just because they’re the band’s newest and I still love new music.  (As my readers know, my appetite for new music is insatiable and my tastes are very diverse. And I listen to a lot of thrash and enjoy some death metal.)  Still, I have a feeling I’ll still be heralding these singles even after the shiny new car feeling tapers off.   They’re just so infectious — and in that way that doesn’t fade with repeat listenings.  Trust me, I’ve already listened to them more times than I can count.  So, check ’em out.  If they rub you the wrong way at first, listen to them a few times and see if they grow on you.  At least if you’ve ever been a Stryper fan.

I think that anyone who considers themselves a fan of the band should keep up with them and appreciate the fact that they still make new music.  Some bands just keep playing the old hits and don’t make new music anymore.  Look at Poison, for example.  I love them, but their last new album was roughly 15 years ago!  And the way Gene Simmons talks, it looks like Kiss won’t be making new music in the foreseeable future since he’s deemed it unprofitable.  Tesla and Cinderella are a couple of others that immediately spring to mind.  (Mind you, I love Tom Keifer’s solo album.)  The list goes on and on.  But the guys in Stryper are truly artists and true artists can’t stop making new music because its creation is a huge part of what they live for.  I don’t know how you can even still call yourselves artists if you haven’t created anything new in over a decade.  People gave Axl Rose a lot of shit for taking so long with Chinese Democracy, but, hell, at least he was working on an album all that time and not just drinking beers and riding a nostalgia wave.

Personally, I’m always most excited about hearing a band’s new songs live than I am about hearing the classics.  I know I’m in the minority there, and maybe Stryper’s new album (titled God Damn Evil) can’t hold a flame to the songs you grew up with because there’s that air of nostalgia tied to them.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t love the band’s new music all the same.  They’re still that talented band that you fell in love with, trust me.  So, again, check out these tracks and see if you don’t wind up loving them.  They’re great!

I’d also like to mention that I will be bringing you a new interview with Michael Sweet in a couple of weeks.  Cheers to that!

God Damn Evil will be out on April 20th via Frontiers Records.  Check out Stryper’s 2018 tour dates here: http://www.stryper.com/Tour/tour.html


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