#songoftheday / #amlistening = Starbreaker feat. Tony Harnell & Magnus Karlsson – “How Many More Goodbyes”

“How Many More Goodbyes” is one of my favorite songs from Starbreaker’s excellent third album, Dysphoria. If it’s not one of the best power ballads you’ve heard in ages, then you must be listening to something pretty great that I’m completely unaware of because I can’t think of one I’ve found so touching in a long time.

Were you to simply hear an instrumental of “How Many More Goodbyes,” you might not even realize that it’s a ballad with Magnus Karlsson’s crunchy riffs and Anders Köllerfors’ sonorous drums. Especially given how fast the bass drums drive the song during the chorus; you’d think you were listening to a blistering Helloween song if you didn’t know any better. Fortunately, Tony Harnell had the very wise idea to send his vocals soaring over the gigantic beats, delivering his emotive lyrics with potency, and that’s what makes the song such a winning effort. And why it still gives me chills most of the time when I hear it even though I’ve surely listened to it 50 times by now since the album has been out for several months now. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I highly recommend that you do. Well, provided you’re a heavy metal fan because the other songs on hand are much, much heavier.



Tony Harnell:



Magnus Karlsson:




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  1. Mark Avatar

    This is my first time hearing Starbreaker but I’m impressed. It’s ace, truly ace. Heading to Spotify to hear the album now.

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