#songoftheday / #amlistening = ST. VINCENT: “FAST SLOW DISCO”

Today St. Vincent — aka Annie Clark — has released a rather erotic video for her luscious and pulsating new single, “Fast Slow Disco.”  It basically depicts red-hot dancing that turns into an orgy at a sweaty club that would seem to be packed entirely with males except for her.  (Well, we think we might’ve spotted another woman near the end, but we’re not positive.)  In any case, if M/M action is not your thing, you’ll probably find it boring, but we applaud her for having the courage to make this video in spite of the risk that it could potentially limit the song’s audience.  The best art challenges people anyway, right?   We also give her kudos for making a video for this one, as you usually don’t see many videos for one-off singles.  Or if you do, they’re just lyric videos.  But, no, this is a proper live action video.

Hmm — it just occurred to us that this could be the first single from a new album, but she just released MASSEDUCATION last year, so it would be quite the feat to get another full-length album out this year.  That would be lovely, however!

We wonder if people’s porn filters will block this one for showing so much skin.  We hope not, though!

Youtube info:
“I always felt this song could wear many different outfits and live many different lives. here she is in disco pants, sweating on a new york dance floor.” – St. Vincent

Directed by Zev Deans
Producer by Wes Hager
Creative Director: Adam Farrell
Production Company : Panorama Programming / Interzone Films
Loma Vista Recordings
St. Vincent
Director of Photography : Chris Raymond
1st Assistant Director : Brian Koenig
Choreography By : jasmine albuquerque
Styled by: Anastasia Magoutas
Makeup Design : Anouck Sullivan
Hair Stylist : Brandon Dailey
Casting By : Micki Pellerano
Assistant Makeup : Naomi Raddatz
1st Assistant Camera : James Madrid
2nd Assistant Camera : Chris Seehase
DIT : Savannah Bayse
Color Correction: Hechanova digital
Gaffer : Tank Rivara
Key Grip : Gary Wilkins
Best Boy Electric : Mike Kim
Best Boy Grip : Greg Tango
Shot on location at Saint Vitus Bar, NYC
Catering by Christina’s, Greenpoint

Special Thanks:
David Castillo, Arthur Shepherd,
Johnny Scuotto,
Tank-Lights-You-Up, Adorama , Wits End ,
Barkode Props, Below the Line
Concept by Jay Buim

Spotify: http://found.ee/STV_FSDSpotify
Apple Music: http://found.ee/STV_FSDAppleMusic
iTunes: http://found.ee/STV_FSDiTunes
Amazon: http://found.ee/STV_FSDAMZ
Google Play: http://found.ee/STV_FSDGooglePlay
Sound Cloud: http://found.ee/STV_FSDSoundcloud

CATCH ST. VINCENT ON TOUR: http://ilovestvincent.com/#tour

Facebook: http://found.ee/StV_FB-i
Twitter: http://found.ee/StV_TW-i
Instagram: http://found.ee/StV_IG-i

The Youtube post for the video also contains the lyrics, but we don’t have permission to include them here so you’ll have to visit Youtube to give them a read.


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  1. Angel Avatar

    It seems like she does her best work when she makes singles to put out in between albums. This one is the best thing since caramel apples.

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