#songoftheday / #amlistening = SALT: “HELIUM”

Today we have “Helium,” the excellent second single from the artist simply known as Salt.    I love the way the track blends synthesizers and snappy beats with her sometimes ethereal vocals.  The artist she most reminds me of is the great Florence Welch (a.k.a. Florence + The Machine), especially in terms of the production, which sounds both modern and ’80’s-inspired all at once.  The poetic lyrics could have been written by Florence as well.  She also reminds me of Ladytron, who mix electronic beats with synth in a similar manner.    Suffice to say, “Helium” reminds me of artists I love and I find it to be on par with their material, which is the biggest compliment I could give her.


Salt is a British singer/songwriter, based in south London.

Born in Russia to a union of two Russian pop-icons, Salt has always been in the presence of music.

Raised in a Russian family, she’s been playing piano and attended a ballet academy since the age of five.

At the age of 14 Salt left Russia to explore Europe and landed in London where she received education in Drama from the University of London, and Vocals from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

Salt has been working extensively in Russia writing for various Russian artists.  She also made an appearance in and wrote the soundtrack for a Russian movie MiShura (2016).

In the UK she’s been doing session work as well as collaborating with various DJs and producers.

Salt has an extensive catalogue of music which she is ready to share with the world, ‘Helium’ is her second single following on from ‘Silver Bullet’, with much more to come later in 2018.


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    OMG – shaking and crying. So good.

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