#songoftheday / #amlistening = ROBBIE WILLIAMS: “I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO LIKE ME”

Robbie Williams seems to be juggling three careers these days.  There’s the mega pop star who last released the album Heavy Entertainment Show in 2016.  There’s the swing and jazz star who last released Swings Both Ways in 2013.  And there’s the “b-sides” star who’ll be releasing the third volume in his Under the Radar series on February 14th, 2019.  That’s right, leave it to romantic Robbie to release his latest album on Valentine’s Day.

The reason I put “b-sides” in quotes is simply that the albums don’t contain b-sides.  Not really.  Mostly, they’re previously unreleased tracks that Robbie has made specifically for the Under the Radar series.  Or, they’re songs Robbie has made when he feels like experimenting a bit more than he might be able to get away with on his primary albums as the mega pop star.  Or when he wants to do songs that are more so rock than pop.  Regardless, they aren’t compilations of the many, many b-sides and soundtrack songs he’s put out over the years.  Such compilations would be great, but that’s not what these are.  These songs — at least 99% of them — are previously unreleased, only being heard for the first time on the Under the Radar discs, which he self-releases.

The first two volumes in the Under the Radar series were excellent and deliciously eclectic — bursting with assorted flavors — so we have every reason to believe that Volume 3 will be, too.  If the first single, “I Just Want People To Like Me,” is any indication then we’re in for some serious rockin’ and high energy.  I can hardly wait.


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