#songoftheday / #amlistening = Phildel: “Electric Heights”

Critically-acclaimed UK pianist-singer-songwriter Phildel’s new single “Electric Heights” hails from her upcoming third album, Wave Your Flags, which is due out on 3/22, and we’ve been listening to it several times a day since discovering it last week.

Although her piano chords are still present, much of the music to “Electric Heights” is electronic, such as its persistent beats that split the difference between mid and up-tempo. They’re quite fetching, but Phildel’s gorgeous, ethereal vocals are what make the song truly stand out. Listen as they make their way through your ears and into your brain, which they gently massage while her poetic lyrics give you something to think about. It’s as though her very spirit touches yours as you hear it. You can’t say that about many songs.

We don’t give out grades or stars, but if we did, this would get an A+ or *****. It’s that wonderful.


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  1. Jim Edwards Avatar
    Jim Edwards

    Phildel is a very special artist, and a very special person.
    This song and video is typical Phildel. No one else is like her.
    She has been very busy during the last few years raising a wonderful family.
    Now she is back!!!

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