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Is this a thing?

“Is This A Thing” is a thing.  A big thing.  A slice of pop heaven that does several different things right.  First of all, the song starts off in the electro-pop vein, which always scores lots of points with me.  Secondly, the bass guitar during the chorus (and other parts of the song) is killer.  Nothing fancy, but it has funk and it’s nice and loud in the mix and downright infectious.  Meanwhile, the vocals remind me of Justin Timberlake.  In a good way.  If N*SYNC ever decides to reunite and JT isn’t down with it, they should totally hire OBB’s singer to fill the slot.  Also, when you get to the second verse, the song shifts into something more akin to a club banger with full throttle beats racing along.  I like the electro-pop sound of the first verse better, but I admire the way they basically switch genres halfway through the song yet it sounds cohesive.  Not many artists could pull that off without sounding like a trainwreck but OBB does it with finesse.  I also recommend you check out the acoustic version and Dave Aude’s killer remixes.


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