#songoftheday / #amlistening = LAMB: “MOONSHINE” (FEAT. CIAN FINN)

The delicious and highly potent “Moonshine” is the third track to be released from Lamb’s The Secret Of Letting Go, which will be out on April 26th, and it’s certainly something new from the duo. I’ve been a fan of theirs since I first heard them in 2003 — just after I’d moved to the Los Angeles area — and while they’ve always been unpredictable, I can’t recall them ever doing a song quite like this. I love the song’s infectious, stuttering beats and warped-sounding bass. If they’re ever going to have a breakthrough track that’s going to land them in the top 40 here in the States, this would be it. Of course, I realize that’s unlikely. That rarely happens unless you have a record label spending thousands and thousands of dollars promoting you. But Portugal. The Man broke through and I don’t think that cost millions of dollars to make happen, so perhaps there is hope for Lamb. Not that they’re striving for a massive hit. They’ve always been content to just make whatever music they’re inspired to, which tends to be trippy, experimental stuff. All that being said, I can see “Moonshine” becoming a major hit in the UK where the obscure often finds its way onto the charts, especially since it features Irish rapper Cian Finn dueting with Lamb’s singing half, Lou Rhodes. And I wish them lots of luck with the single and the album.

Check out the first two singles from the new album below…


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    Joey T

    Nice one! I really need to delve into their discography.

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