#songoftheday / #amlistening = KAT CUNNING: “Make U Say”(Live)

Back in February of this year, I interviewed Kat Cunning, a veteran Broadway actress and singer, who blends pop, soul, and Baroque arrangements into her glittery songs.  Without even having an EP out yet, she landed the opening slot on singer/songwriter LP’s sold out tour this year and she just performed her own sold out, headlining show in NYC.  The video for her new single, “Make U Say” was recorded live at Norwood in NYC before an enchanted audience.  She doesn’t do nearly as much dancing in this one as she did in her “Wild Poppies” video earlier this year, but she maintains her je ne sais quoi and her movements are still hypnotic, which could also be said about the song itself.  Ultimately, it’s so intoxicating with its trippy tempo and ethereal vocals that it might leave you feeling like you’re getting drunk on fine strawberry wine with a hint of currant by the time it’s over.  (Or, you know, whatever your drink of choice is.)  Call it a lush video to make you feel like a lush.


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  1. Donnatic Avatar

    I have just fallen in love with her.

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