#songoftheday / #amlistening = FREEDOM FRY: “DIE TRYIN”

Parisian-born Marie Seyrat calls herself a jerk in the lyrics to “Die Tryin,” a song about how you can try to “get” someone — to figure them out or relate to them — and it can seem impossible. Still, as you could guess from the song’s title, you feel like you’ll “Die Tryin” to do so.  The complete lyrics to the accessible tune are posted on the Soundcloud page linked to above and they’re fantastic.  I highly recommend you read them as you listen to the song, which is a catchy folk-rock song consisting of lots of live instruments.  Nothing sounds even remotely electronic about this organic number.  That said, it’s as infectious as any pop song currently on the radio, particularly in terms of its sonorous chorus, which leaps out you, forcing you to take notice.  It might even force you to sing along, especially if you “get” where the duo is coming from.  (The duo’s other half is Michigan-born Bruce Driscoll.)

Check out the trailer for their album, which stars Emma Kenney of Shameless fame in Los Angeles, below:


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