#songoftheday / #amlistening = FFS – “BONES”

If you love “the Bristol sound” made popular by Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead, among others, then you’re going to be tickled pink in a good way by “Bones,” the debut single by FFS, otherwise known as For Fucks Sake, the new project by James of Arth and Arth fame, who I interviewed back in July.

Another sound “Bones” calls to mind is that of the witch house subgenre of electronic music.  To that end, if you’d told me it was a new single by ∆AIMON or BLVCK CEILING, I’m sure I would have believed you.  It’s that bloody good.  It’s also perfect for your Halloween listening with its overall eerie vibe.  Between its gloomy lyrics and pitch-black arrangement, all it needs is a few shrieks in the background and it would be scaring away your trick or treaters for sure.  As it is, it contains sounds that remind me of a whip cracking across someone’s flesh.  Not a sound I’ve ever heard in real life, but I’ve heard it enough times in movies to recognize it when I hear it!

So, give this one a listen and prepare to be… unsettled.  Delightfully unsettled.


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