#songoftheday / #amlistening = Enuff Z’Nuff: “Metalheart”

Enuff Z’Nuff’s last album, Clowns Lounge, was basically an album of old demos with one new song, “Dog On A Bone.”  The new song, which I thought was killer, featured bassist and founding member Chip Z’Nuff on vocal duties.  Chip has sung lead vocals on two or three Enuff Z’Nuff songs per album since back in the mid-90s, but now he’s the band’s official lead singer with original vocalist Donnie Vie doing only God knows what.  (I’d like to think Donnie is working on a killer new solo album.)  None of the other members are founding members, but original guitarist Derek Frigo passed away decades ago and longtime drummer Ricky Parent passed away over a decade ago as well.  As for their original drummer, Vikki Foxx, he bailed after the second album to go join Vince Neil’s solo band.  (No idea what he’s doing now either, but he’s not in Vince’s band now.)  So, you can’t blame Chip for keeping the band going.  Especially not when, so far as I know, he’s always wanted Donnie back in the band.  And especially not when the band’s new single, “Metalheart” is as awesome as power pop metal gets.  Talk about infectious.  Wow.  It’s like Cheap Trick at their best.  Killer guitar and vocal hooks galore.  It’s so good that I can imagine listeners who previously disliked Enuff Z’Nuff getting into this one.  Bravo, Chip, bravo.

About the song, Chip says, “This song is about bullying, mentally-abusive relationships. The song provides the answer on how to overcome adversity and move forward from a bad situation.”

“Metalheart” is the first single from the band’s forthcoming album Diamond Boy, which will be released via Frontiers Records, on August 10th.

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  1. CloverRover Avatar

    I didn’t want to like this out of some respect for Donnie, but what can I say? It’s spot on. Let’s hope the rest of the material on the new album is as ace.

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