#SONGOFTHEDAY / #AMLISTENING = Cœur de pirate: “Ne m’appelle pas”

Cœur de pirate — a.k.a. Beatrice Martin — has returned already, hot on the heels of last year’s fantastic album, En cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé. Whether this is a one-off single or she’s already made, or is making, a new album, I do not yet know. What I do know is that this song is as contagious as they come. And then some!

With an infectious rhythm that consists of beats that sound like a Greg Kurstin production or an early Yelle track, “Ne m’appelle pas” (translation: “Don’t Call Me”) would be a winner even if it was an instrumental. But Cœur de pirate’s vocals are the icing on this very delicious cake, a sweetness without which, well, you’d just have cake. It could be cake to drool for, but you’re not going to enjoy it half as much as you would with frosting. So, cheers to Beatrice and her taste-bud-pleasing confection. She has delivered another sweet morsel of a melody and her voice remains one of the prettiest decorations these ears have ever heard. And the video, which finds her in various situations, often in cosplay costumes, is beaucoup adorable.


2 responses to “#SONGOFTHEDAY / #AMLISTENING = Cœur de pirate: “Ne m’appelle pas””

  1. Johanna Avatar

    J’adore Cœur de pirate! Elle est magnifique toujours et ce clip est le plus amusant j’ai vu toute annee.

  2. Asiila Avatar

    She is super cute. I do wish there was some English in it because I know she sings well in English and I don’t speak French, but I do love it.

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