#songoftheday / #amlistening = Bar Brutal Band (formerly For Fuck’s Sake): “Ride ‘Em Cowboy”

Longtime Love is Pop readers will likely recall the tunes we’ve posted from James of Arth & Arth fame, “English Skies” and “Bones,” which he released under the moniker FFS (For Fuck’s Sake). Well, for various reasons he’s re-christened himself under the name Bar Brutal Band, which we happen to think has a nice ring to it. And he’s back with two new tunes, “Ride ‘Em Cowboy” and “France Italy,” both of which are insanely catchy earworms. We’d come to expect trippy, somewhat witch-house-flavored songs from James, but these tracks are actually danceable ass-shakers. They also sport some pretty amusing lyrics, which are sure to make you grin as you bounce up and down in your seat. That said, they’re actually about something rather serious: Brexit. James says “Ride ‘Em Cowboy” is about his “anger about the cause of Brexit” and “France Italy” is about his “plan for a nasty Brexit.”







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  1. LindsayIII Avatar

    These songs remind me of Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” due to the vocal style and beats. I like it.

    1. James (Brutal Bar Band) Avatar
      James (Brutal Bar Band)

      Hahhaha! Nice … that’s high praise indeed. I really like the fact that it reminded you of that silliness. I just came out of a long term abusive relationship with my band mate … he wanted to make all my songs ‘deep and meaning full, full of important emotions’ … so glad I can finally be free and just do some brutal and fun stupidity. And if it comes across as Right Said Fred … brilliant. It was my little brother I was making music with before. He’s far too earnest … maybe because he’s the baby of the family of four kids. Trying too hard to be ‘important’.

  2. 555guy Avatar

    Are these songs supposed to be funny? I feel like I’m listening to Weird Al or something. Not sure if I like them or not.

    1. James Avatar

      I’m the guy that made these songs. If you’re not sure they’re meant to be funny or not then maybe you’re not finding them funny. Or just a bit. I wouldn’t worry about that. I don’t know if they’re meant to be funny either. Maybe yes. Because I’m quite a funny guy but I’m also brutal too. It’s sort of an odd mix to be sure … like a negroni cocktail … sort of sweet and bitter a the same time. Doesn’t really make sense. I agree.

  3. Quakeman Avatar

    Ha, ha, about the above comment. I was trying to think what the songs were reminding me of then I read that and I think that was it. I wonder if one of these will catch on but I fear for the artist if it does because they seem to be talented and it would be a crying shame if they just become a one hit wonder.

    1. James Avatar

      I wouldn’t worry about me (original artist that made these songs) … it’s all just bit of fun. Love Michael to death and nice that he puts stuff on his blog for me. I’m not trying to catch on really or even have hits. I just make stupid songs and serious songs and just have fun learning to make music. So don’t fear for me not having a hit or even having a one hit wonder. I don’t thing either are going to happen. It’s just me having a bit of fun. And I rather enjoy making songs. Like any art. It’s a good outlet. And really there is other stuff I’ll be doing too which isn’t quite so fun and brutal … some darker stuff … some more serious stuff. Some emotional stuff. It’s just stuff. Thanks for having a listen. But don’t worry about me. But thanks any way for your concern. I have no idea what I’m doing but am enjoying doing it none-the-less. It’s a ways to live.

  4. Jon's Baby Avatar
    Jon’s Baby

    This dude has to be taking the piss. I love it.

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