#songoftheday / #amlistening = BALOJI: “Peau de Chagrin/ Bleu de Nuit” (Contains one very brief image NSFW)

Baloji’s “Peau de Chagrin/ Bleu de Nuit” is one of the most stimulating videos I’ve ever seen.  Lots of beautiful colors and spell-binding imagery that could only come from Africa.  There are also quite a few disturbing images in this video that you won’t be able to get out of your head for a while.  It almost has a sci-fi vibe going for it when you take it in as a whole.   And the song is breath-taking, too.  Lots of traditional African instruments that you’re probably not used to hearing in hip-hop songs.  You might not understand his French lyrics, but they’ve taken the liberty of subtitling the video for precisely that reason.  So, whether you’re a hip-hop fan, or you’re fond of traditional African music, or you’re a French musique junkie like me, this one has something to offer you.


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  1. Francois Avatar

    C’est un tres, tres bon chanson et le video est magnifique. Allez, Baloji! 🙂

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