#songoftheday = Aly & AJ – “TAKE ME” [POSSIBLY NSFW]

“I know that you would want it if I could sink my teeth into you,” sing Aly & AJ on their icy hot new single “Take Me.”  The fact that the song is uber-catchy alone makes it sufficient for a song of the day posting, but we have a cherry on top of the ice cream here because the video is a tasty treat, too.  Behold Aly & Aj, vampires, sinking their teeth into a smorgasbord of people.  By the time the song ends and the video is over, you’ll be wishing they could sink their teeth into you.  Or perhaps you’ll wish you could sink your teeth into them.  Either way, vampirism hasn’t been this sexy in a long time.  And the song is to die for.  (Just make sure they turn you into a vampire and not a blood-drained corpse.)

…And check out the steamy cover for the single:






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