If you’re celebrating 420 today, or simply like mature but irresistible pop music, you’re in for a veritable treat with Bostonian Adam Jensen’s intoxicating new gem, “Marijuana Breath.”  “So kiss me with your marijuana breath / I can be a cure for loneliness,” he sings, like he’s reaching out to save someone.  A friend who needs to go to rehab, maybe?  OK, I’m kidding about the rehab, as Adam seems to want to kiss this person at least in part because of their marijuana breath.  But he is at least trying to cure someone’s loneliness, so you can considerate a charitable excuse to get high, right?  One thing is for certain, it packs a certain emotional depth that many of Adam’s contemporaries fail to dig into, Adam always wearing his brutally honest heart on his sleeve.  You won’t find a better song to chill to this weekend, that’s for damn sure.



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