OK, so, the lame spelling of the song’s title is tacky, but Beady Eye’s new single “Iz Rite” is one hell of an infectious tune. In fact, it’s fan-fucking-tastic. Easily the best song Beady Eye has put out thus far. And one that rivals the best Oasis tracks.

Basically, what we have here is a simple mid-tempo love song. It’s just quite gorgeous with its soaring melody that would seem to split the difference between The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love” and U2’s “All I Want is You.” I’m sure plenty of people would argue that it sounds nothing like those songs and they’d probably be right, but if I have to compare it to songs by other artists then, well, those songs are what I’m comparing it to. Suffice to say it’s quite melodious. “Come on it’s right / take me to your light,” begin the fairly poetic lyrics, which Liam really pours his heart into, sounding as passionate as he’s ever sounded. “You give me something here / And it’s all know,” it goes a line or three later.

One thing becomes obvious before it even hits the earworm of a chorus: this isn’t a band simply going through the motions. This is band that’s been genuinely inspired. I don’t know who Liam’s current muse is, but she (or he or it) is certainly working! “When you call my name / It takes away my pain / ‘Till only love remains,” goes the highly addictive chorus. “Say it again / Say it again / Say it again.” You’ll be humming it or singing along by the third time you listen to this gem. It’s one of those rare songs that you actually want to sing along to the very first time you hear it and then after a few listens you can’t help but do so. Pop rock hasn’t sounded this good in years. From the tight rhythm to the warm but rocking guitars to Liam’s sweet vocals, everything about this one is perfect. It’s destined to become Beady Eye’s biggest summer anthem.

The B-side is a radio edit of “Soul Love,” which is more of a down-tempo love song. It’s much trippier than “Iz Rite,” almost riding the magic carpet of psychedelic rock. Where “Iz Rite” has a very full wall of sound, which works perfectly for it, “Soul Love” gives the instruments and vocals all their own breathing space, which functions beautifully for this type of chill-ready tune. “Everything I do / It’s all for you,” Liam sings, his voice light and floaty. But, fear not, he’s not channeling Bryan Adams. Not that there’s anything wrong with Bryan Adams, although some of his ballads are a bit over-done (and over-played). This one is more like The Beatles. And, hey, it’s been a long time since Liam has written music that I’ve deemed fit to compare to The Fab Four. Suffice to say that he’s once again working at the top of his game, making this single essential to fans of gorgeous pop rock.

“Iz Rite” and the full-length version of “Soul Love” appear on Beady Eye’s latest album, BE.




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