Morgoth’s “God Is Evil” 7″ and digital single is their first studio recording since 1996’s “Feel Sorry For The Fanatic” and, holy fuck, was it worth the wait. From the second the song opens, they unleash a cavalcade of spiky, blood-spilling riffs, brutal drums and scathing vocals. It’s a massive onslaught of evil, every second of the song reeking of morbid feelings in the best way possible. It’s also a perfect reminder of how Morgoth has influenced so many younger bands. You can hear Black Dahlia Murder’s vicious technical expertise and Skeletonwitch’s putrid, crawling guitars all at once. This song covers you like a massive swarm of disgusting locusts. Death metal simply does not get better than this.

The B-side, “Die As Deceiver,” is also a brand new track and it’s just as bone-crushing than “God Is Evil,” such that it’ll leave you feeling like your head is locked in a rapidly-tightening vise. It’s a murky delight that boils with rage, overflowing and burning anything in its devastating path, like lava oozing out of a volcano, as its steamrolling rhythmic drive takes you to a most insidious church. Morgoth have always delivered sinister malice and abject horror and it’s wonderful to hear them doing so again in 2014.







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