“Limpido” — that’s Italian for “clear” — is an amazing new duet by Laura Pausini and Kylie Minogue, which they’ve recorded for Laura’s upcoming Greatest Hits collection. It was just released today on September 10th, 2013.

It begins with an enormously punchy beat and faint, fluttering synth, and then Laura sings a verse in Italian before Kylie sings one in English. Once the song hits the first chorus, which is in Italian, drums begin to accompany the mega-beat and they also add clunky bass guitar and, occasionally, crunchy electric guitar. As the vocals continue, Laura sings most of the song in Italian while Kylie sings most of her parts in English. But Kylie does sing some of the chorus in Italian with Laura. Meanwhile, there’s a chorus they sing together in English: “Letting go / No more fighting / Time will show you what you need to be / Let it go / Free my instincts / From the darkness / I will reemerge / Limpido.”

As for the strength of the women’s performances, Laura has always had a very powerful voice, so it’s no surprise that she shows tremendous range and control here, knocking out her lyrics with the sort of strength Celine Dion is noted for. What is surprising is how strong Kylie’s voice is here. Everyone knows that Kylie has a cute and adorable voice, but she isn’t known for having the best range. If I’m being perfectly honest, she’s known for having a squeaky voice. At least by haters anyway. But Kylie really holds her own here, belting it out fiercely, her voice overflowing with passion and energy. The song is clearly meant to inspire and empower listeners, and it requires the women to both sound confident if not entirely bold, and they pull it off brilliantly.

This single should be a huge international smash and I suspect that it will always be regarded as a high point in the careers of both women.

“Limpido” is already available in the U.S. iTunes store as well as on (see link below).

I should also mention that there will be a Spanish version of the song called “Limpio.” I couldn’t find a release date for the track, but they’re sure to unleash it soon and it should help the song become the huge hit it deserves to be.

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