The new single by Editors, “A Ton Of Love,” is up-tempo song taken from their latest album, The Weight of Your Love. Usually Editors remind me of The Killers and Franz Ferdinand, but this particular track reminds me of Springsteen, given its potent drumming, the tone of Tom Smith’s moving vocals and the shimmering horns. “I don’t trust the government / I don’t trust myself,” Smith sings, slightly self-deprecating, though the song overall is definitely upbeat. The chorus is especially catchy, particular the refrain where he passionately sings “desire, desire, desire” over and over again.

For some odd reason, the first B-side here is also taken from the album and it’s the very first track, “The Weight.” It’s pretty rare that a band will use the opening song from an album for a B-side and it seems especially weird here because Editors usually only release brand new, previously unreleased B-sides. They have tons of them. But what really makes this strange is that, at least in my opinion, “The Weight” is the best song on the album. Even if you prefer another track, you still have to admit that “The Weight” should have been a single. From the very moment it opens with piano and strings, it has you totally hooked. “For a moment, I felt the strength of your love / it was lightning, it was lightning,” Smith sings and you already know you’re going to love this song. He goes on to mention electricity and it’s quite appropriate because the song is nothing short of electrifying. “Every day I pray I’m the first to go / without you I would be lost,” goes the moving and highly accessible chorus. After all, we all have people in our lives whom we would rather die before. Maybe you don’t know how you’d manage your life without your mother and you hope to die before she does. Or maybe it’s your spouse. But there’s always someone. Nobody wants to be around to see all of their loved ones die. But I can’t recall the last time I heard a song where someone sings about this. In fact, I can’t think of another song about it off the top of my head. It’s tapping into things like this that make Editors such brilliant lyricists.

The second B-side is a new song called “The Sting.” It starts off with some subtle acoustic guitar then Smith’s voice cuts through like a hand parting fog as he sings, “Danger wouldn’t always hide around you.” Soon laid-back drums, dangly electric guitar, smooth bass and somber piano join the mix. Eventually, it adds especially gloomy horns. “You bring the money / I will be waiting,” begins the chorus. It’s a haunting song that tells a story — of a sting — with something of a Nick Cave vibe and I actually think it’s one of the best songs that Editors have ever written, making it a must-have B-side.

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