Those of you who read my Asian music reviews on Otaku may remember that I reviewed K-Pop star BoA’s latest Japanese-language single “Tail of Hope” not too long ago. If not, you can find my cheerful review here: I basically declared it sonic bliss.

Well, today an English language version of “Tail of Hope” has surfaced and it certainly sounds like an official track that will be released soon. In fact, way back on May 8, 2013 her record label, Avex Trax, announced that an English version of “Tail of Hope” would be released on a separate special edition of the single. Clearly, it’s that English version that’s gone viral today. If you haven’t heard it, just head over to Youtube and search for “BoA Tail of Hope English.” Several people have posted it.

“Is it a scheme / Or just a dream / Losing your friends / When you’re trying to scream,” BoA, “Tail of Hope”

So, how is the English version? Basically, it sounds exactly like the Japanese version in terms of the music. The mix might be slightly different, but they didn’t add a different beat or change the tempo or anything obvious like that. The only real difference is the fact that she’s singing it in English. To that end, she sounds wonderful. As her longtime fans know, she’s already mastered the art of singing in English. During the chorus she sings some higher notes and you can kind of tell that English isn’t her first language, as her accent is slightly different there, but she doesn’t sound bad at all. I’ve heard a lot of Korean artists sing in English during recent years and BoA easily does it the best. After all, she *is* the Queen of Pop. Well, OK, that’s what they call her in Korea, but even here in the States — and over in Japan — they call her the Queen of K-Pop. So, no matter where you are she’s considered a Queen of Pop if not *the* Queen of Pop. Understand? You’d better — because BoA is primed to take over the world of pop *everywhere* if she continues to release punchy, funky, infectious tunes like “Tail of Hope.” That said, I do have to admit that “Tail of Hope” could have had some better lyrics. It’s not so much that any particular lyric sounds silly or weird or anything like that — it’s just that the lyrics are generally so upbeat and inspirational that it’ll probably strike a lot of people as being cheesy. And BoA is better than that. She’s a true artist — not a bubblegum pop star. But people unfamiliar with her who hear this English version of “Tail of Hope” might think she’s bubblegum. So I hope they’ll come up with some better lyrics for her next English song. Otherwise, this song is a smash and she’s *the* Queen of Pop in my eyes.

Tail of Hope English Version album cover art



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