Bradenton, Florida’s finest are back with a red hot new single every bit as infectious as past hits like “Secret Valentine,” “Heaven Can Wait,” “Party, Fun, Love & Radio,” and “Friday is Forever.” It begins with twinkly guitars then the drums and vocals kick right in and immediately hook you. “I’m all alone / holding onto memories / while you’re moving on,” sings lead vocalist Travis Clark, his always passionate voice splitting the difference between Ben Folds and Owl City. And if the melody during the verses doesn’t grab you, the uber-catchy chorus certainly will. “Even when the sky falls / and I’ve lost it all / I know I will find you there,” Travis sings over glimmering synth, this being one of the groups’ most sunshiny songs to date. Then the second half of the chorus does something a little different for We The Kings: it drops a massive, dancefloor-ready beat that calls to mind The Killers’ “Human” and Neon Trees’ collaboration with Kaskade, “Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night).”

If someone would have told me that the new We The Kings single was going to have some dance beats I would have shuddered in horror, but they totally fit the song and it’s truly one of their best to date. And you should get used to it because it’s sure to spend a long time on the charts and be a big hit at radio.


“Find You There” is now available in the U.S. iTunes store.

We weren’t able to find it on Amazon thus far.




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