VIDEO: Interpol – “Everything Is Wrong”

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Published on Jan 22, 2015

‘Everything Is Wrong’ from new album ‘El Pintor’. You can buy from here:


Directors: Paul Banks and Carlos Puga
Director of Photography: Carlos Veron
Additional live/location footage shot by Carlos Puga

Producers: Grant Curatola, Brett Potters
Color Correction: Sam Gursky at IrvingHarvey


Helena Christensen – Babe on street
Jason Lee – Bodyguard
Carlos Puga – Dork taking picture
Jack Abramcyk – Shell game dude
Matt Abramcyk – Dude at shell game
Taylor Bagley – Girl with dog
Scooter – Dog
Justin Scurti – Drum tech
Shawn Lobb – Guitar tech
Craig Robinson – Daniel’s bro
Erle Bjornstad – Frail pedestrienne
Joey Silvestera – The Barber
John White Cerasulo – Daniel’s bro
Chris Abbott – As himself
Michael Merino – Boxing fan
Chris Lamar – “Cool dude” dude
Ebony Coleman – Girl on subway
Interpol – As themselves
Interpol Fans – As themselves






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