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Published on Aug 18, 2015

The Mynabirds – Wildfire
from the album Lovers Know
Producer/Director – Dirty Girls Project: Amber Willat and Harper Willat
Line Producer – Legenderryberry Productions: Jane Derryberry
Dirty Girls cast:
Casey Massimino
Aleeza Solowitz
Jane Derryberry
Harper Willat
Amber Willat
Little Girl – Frances Ann
Cristen Mills
Tasha Boue
Crystal Murphy
Moto Babe – Tamara Raye
Ice Cream Jerk – Michael Taub
Two kids on skateboards
Hair and Make-Up – Sarah Di Maria Poole
Wardrobe – Quinton Jackson and Aban Sonia
DP – Harper Willat
AD – Michael Taub
Camera – Moira Morel
Editor – D4 Pictures: Sayer Danforth
Colorist – Company 3: Jaime OBradovich
Dance Choreographer and Moto Dude – Adam Carpenters
Graffiti Artest – Jules Muck

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