I always liked the idea of sharing playlists with our readers but the idea never really took flight.  I asked my writers to contribute playlists as well as some musicians but nobody was into it.  I guess you need to be a big magazine like NYLON to get artists to share playlists with you.  In any case, now we live in a new era because we can stream things on Spotify.  And it’s free.  Granted, you need to listen to a brief commercial every few songs or so, but you can still listen to anything on there for free.  (Or, if you’ve got ten bucks a month to spare, get a paid account and stop hearing commercials.)  Anyway, this isn’t an advertisement for Spotify, but it’s given me new motivation to post playlists here because now I can create them on Spotify and our readers can click on the links with each playlist and actually go listen to them.  I should think people will be a lot more interested in reading playlists that they can actually go listen to!

For years, I’ve been creating a playlist each month on iTunes.  Many of the tracks are new singles, but some of them are also just album cuts from new albums.  But they’re 99% new music.  I can’t re-create them here entirely, due to the fact that I include a lot of foreign language music and there’s very little Asian music on Spotify, but whatever I put on those playlists that they have on Spotify, I will now include in a monthly Spotify playlist.  Here’s the first installment (and, note, songs will be added to this all month):


(the tracks aren’t numbered because the order they appear in may change throughout the month because when I add new tracks I insert them where they’ll flow best)

Little Dragon: Paris

Client: Authority

Holy Ghost!: Bridge and Tunnel

Frankmusik: These Streets

Estereotypo: Under Show

MO: Red in the Grey

Tune-Yards: Water Fountain

Katy B: Still

Roman Remains: Tachycardia

Rebecca & Fiona: Holler

MS MR: Bones (Hot Sugar Remix)

Janelle Monae: Heroes

Sylvan Esso: Coffee

The Kooks: Down

Lumidee: Where I Wanna Be

Katie Herzig: Summer

MisterWives: Imagination Infatuation

Kylie Minogue: I Was Gonna Cancel

The Glitch Mob: Becoming Harmonious feat. Metal Mother

Emm Gryner: End of Me

LISTEN NOW: April Rules 2014



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