As you’ve probably heard, yesterday B.o.B. declared that the earth is flat.  He actually believes that.  So, I guess all of those photos of the earth from space are fabricated?  Some pretty big conspiracy… I’d like to know what else he believes.  Maybe he thinks the next president will be an alien from outer space.  Anyway, today he released a song about it, the above track, “Flatline,” and even includes a quote from Neil Tyson, another idiot who thinks the earth is flat.

Also in this track, B.o.B declares that “Stalin was way worse than Hitler.”  Pity he’s rapping about such stupid things.  Guess he needs the publicity badly.  That’s what happens when you start off strong and wind up mediocre.

EDITED TO ADD: Around 11:30 this morning (January 27th) I was posting a new review and when I reloaded the main page I saw that the soundcloud player for this track was gone, which almost certainly means that it was deleted from Soundcloud.  Perhaps he regrets expressing such absurd opinions.


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  1. Star says:

    People have a right to their opinions but when the vast majority of the scientific community would laugh at you all your opinions do is make you look silly.

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