Word around the campfire is that We Are Scientists recorded their forthcoming fifth album, but their creative juices were still flowing after they’d finished it, so they kept on writing and recording songs. Apparently, this double A-side consists of two of those songs, which supposedly won’t be on the album.

“Something About You” is a vibrant, up-tempo gem of a song. Everything about it is remarkable, really. For one thing, Keith Murray’s passionate vocals are gorgeous. “Once we touch / it’s all or nothing,” he sings during one of the verses, his voice full of longing. And the way he sings “there’s something about you” during the chorus is so damn catchy and touching. It’ll echo in your head long after you listen to it. Meanwhile, the slick guitar hooks are highly infectious. And the groovy bass guitar and energetic drums sound superb and mesh perfectly together, giving the song its addictive, upbeat rhythm. Furthermore, it’s exquisitely produced. You might call it a simple pop rock song the first time you hear it, but listen to it a few times and you’ll start to appreciate the pristine layers of guitars, the smooth and uplifting vocal harmonies, etc. You’d think Brian Wilson or Phil Spector produced this. Seriously.

“Let Me Win” is quite different from “Something About You.” Pummeling drums and percussion rule this one, sounding very much like The Beatles, “Come Together,” especially. Certainly not a bad thing. About two thirds into the song it winds down, the percussion surrendering to twinkly guitars and mellow vocals. “I hope I still have time to change your mind,” Murray sings over and over until it ends. It’s pretty epic, actually. Very Lennon-esque. If Lennon was still around today and he wrote a song with Brandon Flowers of The Killers, I imagine it would sound a lot like this. Definitely a winner.





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