To my ears, this song is pure witch house, which isn’t surprising, since he uses the character ‡ in his name… Yes, there are R&B and industrial influences, but the end result strikes me as witch house…  Not sure that’s what he considers it though, as there’s no mention of the genre in the bio below…  But it doesn’t matter what you call it.  If you like witch house or you dark R&B like The Weeknd and Dawn Richard, then I assure you that you will love this one.

official bio:

23-year old LUKA ‡ casts cool shadows across the shape-shifting industrial pop of his debut.If R&B had been conceived in the bunker beneath Hamburg’s Central Station, its rim-shots reverberating down the Elbe tunnel… the resultant bump and grind might be awash with same seductive ambience of The Nest, released July 28th.

Lead track Quiet Eyes features the beguiling Belgian singer-songwriter Love Like Birds. ‘My bones won’t touch the ground,’ she confides, her sultry delivery twisted by Luka’s star-gazing synths, gates and loops. Trickling through a pulsing web of reverberating harmonies and clattering percussion, these are pop tunes of supreme mechanisation imbued with the spirit of a joyful heart and soul.

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With remixes for James Blake, DIIV and Zoo Kid already tucked under his stylistic belt, stages shared with SOHN, Dauwd and Chet Faker plus a festival debut at MELT 2013, Luka is poised to emerge from his well chiseled cocoon.

The Nest EP is a swirling sonic contortion of the monochrome arthouse aesthetic displayed on his wildly popular ‘Inside The Nest’ tumblr. Launched earlier this year, it already has 150,000 followers –

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Published on Jul 3, 2014

B-Side of Luka’s debut EP ‘THE NEST’

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